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          1. Talema Electronics
            Add: NO.219-229, 308HIGHWAY QINGDAO,CHINA
            Post: 266100
            Tel: (86)532-88722017 87931981
            Fax: (86)532-88723258
            E-mail: group@qdsanyuan.com
            About us

            Qingdao Sanyuan Group Co., Ltd is a private group in modern and integrated form, which owns six native enterprises, four joint ventures, and with 1500 staff in which 640 workers qualified the college and polytechnic education, and the total asset more than 600 Million RMB. The factory located in Shibei district and near 308 National Highway covers twenty-six thousand seven hundred square meters, and the building area is about twenty-one thousand six hundred square meters, the totally planned building area of the Industrial Park covers one hundred and seventy-eight thousand square meters and the land area of the industrial park is one hundred and fifty-seven thousand square meters.